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back to the basics, try the smooth taste of our coffee and espresso


smoothies, coffee, frozen drinks


tea, soda, lotus energy & more


hot or frozen chocolate or vanilla


rice crispy treats and buzz beans


About Us

Coffee “Inspired” Creations

Coffee Creations we were in Saratoga for 17 years & now we are a mobile trailer. Coffee Creations is a locally owned & operated coffee house at 3578 East Pony Express Parkway, Eagle Mountain, UT 84005 .
Coffee Creations was built on a bedrock of love, a passion for creativity, pushing through the limits of what’s possible, and a commitment to creating an irresistible cup of coffee, made fresh to order.

Been going here for 6 years. Genuinely my favorite coffee...anywhere. I don't know how they make it so good.

Why Choose Us

Serving Happiness in Unique and Creative Ways

Established in 2005, we have been serving up a cup of sanity in a world of chaos ever since. We are known for our friendly and experienced baristas.

High-Quality Ingredients

Premium espresso beans and flavorings, when fused together, enhance the coffee profile and never hiding it.

100% Fresh Made to Order

Enjoy iced, hot, or frozen, our many drink varieties are freshly made with your choice of milk and or add on’s, including extra espresso, protein, whipped cream, and more.

3578 East Pony Express Parkway, Eagle Mountain, UT 84005


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Protein Coffee

Our Protein coffee is a combination of protein powder and coffee with the best of both worlds; rich in caffeine and a good boost of protein when combined, they can help reduces your appetite, boosts your metabolism, lower hunger hormones, and aid in feeling fuller longer.
Morning coffee can help launch your day when combined with protein giving you the energy boost you need to get through any day. 


Where most coffee houses offer only a select few sugar-free flavorings, we have a wide variety, including some of our chocolates and mix-ins, available in a sugar-free option. In addition, we can offer most of our drinks sugar-free, including but not limited to our coffee, hot chocolate, and chai tea.