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A Cup of Sanity in a World of Chaos

Coffee Creations was established in 2005 and we have been serving up a cup of sanity in a world of chaos ever since. Coffee Creations was Saratoga Springs, Lehi, and Eagle Mountain area’s first and only Coffee House for over a decade.

With a passion for crafting coffee inspired creations and a love for people, we have quickly established a reputation for having friendly and experienced baristas and offering the highest quality ingredients. Our coffee is so delicious you will want another cup.

We have a huge selection of sugar-free/keto & non-dairy options. All our drinks are made fresh to order, including hot chocolate, 100% fruit smoothies, protein added into any drink as well as Lotus Energy drinks.

Our open, friendly environment is what draws people in, you can feel the love poured into every cup we make. Our goal isn’t to just make a great cup of coffee and other delectable drinks. It’s about creating a safe space for connections and conversations. Our hope is that you feel welcome, feel comfortable and feel at home, to serve happiness in the cup, in a loving and creative way, and at the end of the day if we have achieved that, that makes us happy.

We don’t have employees. We have a family; we don’t have customers; we have friends.  We add love to every drink we make.  We really care about our customers and their unique taste buds.

There is something magical about good coffee, whether you like it hot, iced, or frozen, from espresso based drinks to a wide variety of non-coffee drinks.. Coffee can brighten the morning, boost our mood, and gives us that little extra spark to seize the day.

Premium Beans

Locally roasted, ensuring that each bean is carefully roasted to bring out the optimum flavor characteristics.

Always Made Fresh

Every drink creation is crafted with love at the time of order to ensure freshness and quality.

Premium Machine

We use a Nuova Simonelli Italian espresso machine for crafting our quality espresso based drinks.

Locally Owned

Family Operated, Serving the Saratoga Springs, Lehi, and Eagle Mountain, Utah area.

About Our Menu

We offer various drink options available for coffee lovers and non-coffee drinkers. Herbal tea, hot chocolate, 100% fruit smoothies, protein drinks, Lotus Energy drinks & more.

100 + Recipes

Create custom drinks for yourself or order our original blends & recipes. The options are endless.

Non- Dairy

We can substitute any of our milk-based drinks for, Almond, or Oat milk


Since all drinks are made to order, we can accommodate most of your lifestyle needs by offering sugar-free and keto-friendly drinks.

Family Owned and Operated:

You can find Mom, Cindy and daughter, Courtnie on any given day mixing up tasty delights. This mother-daughter duo is the heart of Coffee Creations. Their love for their customers comes through in everything they do.

Cindy say’s “The best part of my day is doing a job that I love and serving a community of people filled with love.”

Cindy grew up in Lehi Utah, and now lives in Eagle Mountain. It all started with a cup of coffee. One day Cindy was sitting in her kitchen enjoying a cup of coffee when she thought to herself, “I wish I had a place where I could go and enjoy a tasty drink with a friend.”  But the nearest place was over 40 miles away.

Forging the path and building something new (a coffee shop) that wasn’t there before, wasn’t easy and it was scary. Everyone told me I was crazy! Cindy said.  But I saw the need, I poured my life savings into it and took a leap of faith.  

We all have chaotic lives, and we need a place that helps bring back our sanity. I hope to provide that with every cup that goes out.  Cindy commented with a big smile on her face.

Cindy is a mother of 5 and a doggie grandmother. Cindy is a kindhearted visionary who combined her two passions, her love for coffee and her love for people. Her dream was to create a space where people could gather from all walks of life and enjoy a drink creation. Whether they are a coffee lover or not, Coffee Creations’ menu caters to people who would like to enjoy a drink with a friend, a family member, or a fur baby.

What Sets Us Apart

Protein Coffee

It tastes amazing, the texture is frothy and so smooth. Get a great boost of high-quality protein any time of day.


Satisfy your Sweet tooth with a healthy alternative to sugar. Diabetes, and keto-friendly.  

Drink Variety

Herbal Tea, Coffee, Lotus Energy drinks, 100% fruit smoothies, Italian soda, 
chai tea, and much more