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Our Coffee at Home

Elevate your coffee experience at home with Coffee Creations house blend coffee beans. “Choose from our Vienna Blend or Park City Blend medium roasts.
Our Highlander Grogg is the best there is for flavored coffee.”

Part of Coffee Creations’ charm is that our baristas take the time to get to know our regular customer’s taste buds so that we can create the perfect drink for them.

If you like living on the edge and trying new things, I will share a secret with you. 

Coffee Creation’s best-kept secret is the “barista surprise”. This is where drinks of frequent adventurous customers live. 

This is for the adventurer and lover of surprises; you can walk up and have any barista surprise you with a drink.

Warning you may be surprised by a beverage off the menu; it could be one of the barista’s own creations. It’s roulette for your taste buds. You may or may not like the drink. That’s the “risk” you take, and it just might be worth it.

Once the barista gets to know your taste buds, and you order that same “off menu” drink enough times, your drink may have the opportunity to be added to the secret menu that way you don’t have to stalk the barista who invented it to get your tasty treat. So don’t make it weird!